Serkan Halili


After completing the Instrumental Education Department of the ITU State Turkish Music Conservatory, Halili went on to graduate from the advanced program of the same department, studying Kanun with M. İhsan ÖZER and Prof. Şehvar BEŞİROĞLU.
Then he went onto the Turkish Music Department of Haliç University Social Sciences Institute, where he completed his Master’s degree and still studying PhD. with Prof. Erol DERAN.

From 2008-2010 he performed on the kanun with the Turkish Music Ensemble of the Istanbul Municipal City Orchestra, and still serves on the teaching faculty of the ITU State Turkish Music Conservatory, Instrument Performing Dept. since 2009.
Halili played with the Istanbul Music and Sema Ensemble, and together with legend voice Kani KARACA, took part in concerts in major cities throughout Europe and North America.
He has taken part in many concerts and projects including the SUFI | BACH, Jazz Caravanserai, Istanbul Oriental Ensemble projects with Burhan ÖCAL since 2008.
He played in the orchestra for the Mozart’s Opera “Saray: Mozart alla Turca”  in Vienna (2006).
He performed in the “Symphony and Hymns” project which is created by Oğuzhan BALCI and played by Çukurova State Symphony Orchestra under conducting Emin Güven YAŞLIÇAM. ITU Chamber Orchestra, the Istanbul Philharmonic Orchestra and the Bursa State Symphony Orchestra are other orchestras he played with. He performed in CD projects with the Istanbul Turkish Classical Music Ensemble (2005).
In 2009 he performed world premier of first symphonic piece -Istanbul Memories- which is written for kanun. Piece was written by conductor and composer Oğuzhan BALCI, it’s played in Young Euro Classic Festival, Berlin Konzert-Haus under conducting Cem MANSUR.

Since 2012 he joined as a member “Kudsi ERGUNER Ensemble” and performed Brasil, Norway, Belgium, Lebanon.
He recorded cd in Germany with “ECHO CLASSIC” award winner “Pera Ensemble” and performed Germany, Crotia and Norway.
Between 2013-2015, “Elif Makamı” was broadcasted in a special channel, soloist was Elif GÜREŞÇİ and HALİLİ assumed artistic directorate.
In 2013 he accompanied world-renowned violinist André RIEU's "And the Waltz Goes on Tour" concert in Istanbul.
In 2014 he was a member of a group created by Polish and Turkish musicians. And played "Szymanowski ad Orientem” for 600th Anniversary of the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between Turkey and Poland.
He accompanied well-known Turkish composer and pianist Fazıl SAY Japan Tour 2014. He played Japan Premiere “Istanbul Symphony” with Tokyo Symphony Orchestra
In 2015, performed with “Kudsi ERGUNER Ensemble” in IV. Mugham Festival closing concert, which was organized by Azerbaijan government .
In the same year he performed again SAY’s “Istanbul Symphony” with “Brandenburg Staatsorchester”, conducted by Howard GRIFFITHS.

In 2015, he was invited by Qatar Music Academy (QMA) to Doha which is supported by Qatar Foundation, he gave workshops and masterclasses.
Again in the same year, performed concert with well-known Armenian traditional folk music singer Onnik DİNKJİAN and oud player Ara DİNKJİAN in Diyarbakır, Berlin, Wuppertal and İstanbul.
Participated to “Europalia Arts Festival 2015” which is supported by European Union and T.C. Ministry of Cultur. Performed concerts with “İstanbul Soloists”, “İstanbul Songs” and “Ottoman Drums” projects in Belgiım, Holland and France.
Participated in grand opening ceremony of “Diyanet Center of America”, is organized and built by The Republic of Turkey in US / Washington - Maryland. (2016-April)
With "L'Arte Del Mondo" orchestra collaboration, Mozart's "Die Entführung Aus Dem Serail" (Abduction from the Seraglio) in representation of the opera performed with  Turkish music group "Pera Ensemble", in Leipzig and Leverkusen. (August-September 2016)

In  2016 September, invited to season opening concert of "Kyoto MIHO Museum" with "Kudsi ERGUNER Ensemble"
Beside playing Kanun in classical style in Turkish and Ottoman music, Halili has also expanded Kanun play in unconventional style including but not limited to contemporary and western classical music, ladino, rembetico. He continues to experiencing and experimenting the usage of Kanun in various music styles including jazz, pop etc. in his atelier.