Irini Aravidou


Irini Aravidou is a percussionist specializing in contemporary music and performance. She dedicates herself to interpreting masterpieces from the 20th and 21st century, as long as searching for new ways of creation, trying to break the boarders between the different forms of arts.
"Percussion instruments are thousands and you can produce thousand of sounds with each and every one of them."

She made her first steps in music playing the piano, but her curiosity for sounds led her to continue her musical journey through percussion at the age of 12. She studied at Acropolis Conservatory in Athens and currently in Musikhochschule Luebeck with Prof. Johannes Fischer.

Irini is an excited chamber musician, who loves to share her passion with other artists on stage. She performs with Ensemble Variances, Lubecker Percussion Ensemble, Ensemble Volans among others and she is the founder of "Tomato is a fruit" quartet.
Both as part of a group or a soloist, she has performed in many great venues and festivals around Europe such as next_generation festival by ZKM, Lux Aeterna Festival, S.T.R.E.A.M Festival, San Marino New Music Project, etc. Furthermore, she works regularly with sound/visual artists and young composers, premiering their works and her experimental temperament leads her often to improvisation projects.