Ensemble Variances in touch with its audience...

Driven by my fascination for the culture of the Amerindian Navajo (Diné), who live in the south-west of the United States we created Ohuaya. It is an artistic journey, the musicians performing actions around the themes that characterizes the Navajo people: medicine, the therapeutic virtues of music and the connection with life in all its diversity.

Thierry Pécou

Arts and nature in harmony

Ensemble Variances "out of the concert hall"

Ensemble Variances, in addition to its concerts, maintain a close relationship to its audience and especially its younger listeners.
Meetings with the musicians of the ensemble and the composers, concert previews for young public audience, master classes in conservatories and music schools, workshops around modern and non-European instruments as well as concerts investing public spaces like museums and monuments is part of the ensembles commitment for making music more communicative.

Please contact us for more information about possible projects "out of the concert hall".